144 West Merrick Road    Freeport, NY  11520    Phone: (516) 379-3274    Fax: (516) 868-9741

 Emergency Readiness Information

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency Management Hotline (516)377-2400
Freeport Emergency Management (516) 377-2188
Freeport fire Department (516) 378-0400
Freeport Police Department - Business (516) 378-0700
Freeport Police Department - Emergency 911
Freeport Electric Department - Emergency (516) 378-0146
Freeport Building Department (516) 377-2243
Freeport Water and Sewer Services (516) 377-2379
Freeport Water and Sewer - Off Hours (516) 377-0700
Freeport Red Cross in Nassau County (516) 747-3500
Keyspan Gas - Emergencies Only 1-800-490-0045

Warning Sirens and Radio

Warning sirens and radio are the primary method of emergency notification to the residents of Freeport.  They will be used for any emergency, natural or man-made, that requires immediate notification to Village residents.

Sirens sound for one of three reasons:

  • 12 noon on Saturdays - weekly test
  • Top of each hour - an emergency notification is going out to residents.  All residents should call the Emergency Management Hotline at 377-2400 or tune their radios to 1690 AM for important information.
  • Every 10 Minutes - an emergency evacuation is in progress.  Listen to officials, and if you are told to evacuate, do so immediately for your own safety.

Freeport's Weather and Emergency Notification - Radio Station 1690 AM

The Village of Freeport now has its own AM radio station broadcasting from our Emergency Operations Center.  The station broadcasts weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this station.  The Freeport Emergency Management Team will send out pre-recorded Emergency Notifications on this station when necessary and also has the capacity to broadcast live.  When the Village's Emergency Sirens sound at the top of the hour, turn to this station for important emergency notifications.

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