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The following policy has been adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Freeport Memorial Library for the purpose of maintaining order in the Library facilities among all persons using the Library.

Any person found to be violating the rules set forth in the Code of Conduct may be required to leave the Library premises, which may result in the suspension of use of the Library facilities, and loss of the privilege to re-enter the said premises as indicated below, pursuant to New York State Education Law Section 262.

If a person defies an order communicated by the Library Director, or his or her designees, not to enter the Library or not to remain in the Library for failure to comply with the Code of Conduct, said person is subject to arrest for trespass pursuant to New York State Penal Law, Section 140.05.

The Library reserves the right to ask any patron to show his or her Library card, or other identification.

Anyone entering the Library must be fully clothed; bare feet are not permitted.

Students (up to and including grade 12) are not permitted in the Library during school hours unless either accompanied by a parent or guardian, or the student produces an official high school schedule showing open periods.

Any person whose Library privileges have been suspended may submit a written notice of appeal to the Board of Trustees within ten (10) days of any action of the Library Director.

Prohibited Act or Behaviors:

  1. Eating or drinking in unauthorized areas
  2. Smoking, spitting, littering
  3. Nudity, sleeping, loitering, cursing, panhandling, solicitation, gambling, skateboarding, running, loud talk or disturbances, or public displays of affection
  4. Conversations, ring tones, and other audible activities on hand-held devices such as cell phones are restricted to the lobby and the lounge.
           Use of such devices for quiet activities such as texting and web access is permitted
  5. The use of audible electronic devices without headphones, and only as long as no ambient sound is emitted from the headphones
  6. Preventing another person from using the Library facilities, following or stalking a person through the Library, or staring at a person
  7. Harassment of employees or other persons, directed against them because of their race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, handicap, or veteran status
  8. Causing, or threatening to cause harm to the person or property of another
  9. Causing, or threating to cause damage to the Library facilities or the materials and/or articles therein, or the surrounding property
  10. Refusal to comply with the directives of the Library Director or other authorized Library personnel, or causing disruption to Library functions or operations.
  11. Possession of, or under the influence of, illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages
  12. Possession of unlicensed fireworks, firearms, switchblades, or any other weapon
  13. Wearing a mask, hood, or any other device which hides the identity of the wearer, with the exception of religious garb
  14. Having a physically offensive condition such as unpleasant body odor so strong as to constitute a nuisance, and/or infested or filthy clothing
             or personal effects to the extent that it is repulsive to others in the Library
  15. Bringing animals into the Library, other than those required to assist disabled persons, or those being used for instructional purposes or exhibits
  16. Leaving unattended packages, bags, or other articles in or about the Library premises
  17. Feet/shoes on the furniture; re-arranging of furniture
  18. Use of restrooms for purposes other than their intended use
  19. And all other inappropriate, disruptive, or dangerous behavior as deemed by the director


Adopted by the Board of Trustees September 27, 2006;
Rev. October 17, 2007, Rev. November 20, 2013

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