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Quiet-Study Rooms in West Wing


            The quiet-study rooms on the upper level of the West wing are for use by Freeport card holders only. The occupancy of each room shall generally be limited to one person and shall not be used for tutoring or instruction.

Patron Obligations Related to Use of Quiet-Study Rooms

The two Quiet-Study Rooms in the West wing of the Library are reserved for the exclusive use of Freeport Memorial Library patrons who are required to present their Library card or other suitable photo-identification to confirm their status.

The identifying information will be recorded at the ASK Desk for the sole purpose of assuring that the Library patron is accountable for the condition of the room during the patron’s occupancy of the room.

After the identification is recorded, a member of the Library staff will escort the patron from the ASK Desk to an available room and permit the patron to examine the room before signing this document. By signing below, the patron assumes full responsibility for any mis-use of the room and its furnishing.

Because the patron remains responsible for the room until it is checked by a member of the Library staff, at the end of the patron’s use it is the responsibility of the patron to have a Library staff person check the room and also to observe that the room is locked by the staff person unless it is immediately occupied by another patron who executes this form.

Patron acknowledges that the Quiet-Study rooms are generally limited to single occupancy unless specific permission for two-person for use is obtained from the librarian in charge of the ASK Desk. Such permission will be noted at the bottom of this form.

It is Library Policy that under no circumstance may either room be used for the tutoring, testing, or training of a second occupant. Use of a room is limited to one hour, but the time may be extended until another patron requests use of the room.

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