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            The Freeport Memorial Library restricts the use of meeting rooms to Freeport-based civic, cultural or educational non-profit organizations. The use of meeting rooms is intended to increase public awareness of the range of information available in the community and contribute to the vitality of the community. The approval of applications for use is based in general on the Library Bill of rights, adopted by the Library Board May 15, 1991. Use of meeting rooms is also dependent on availability.

            Final authority for all applications rests with the Library Board of Trustees. Applications should be made to the Library Board through the Director on the appropriate form at least 2 (two) weeks before the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.

            The meeting rooms may not be used by any organization for the purpose of holding any exercise class(es) or physical activities of any type, or any function of a similar nature. It is recommended that the Freeport Recreation Center or a similar facility be contacted for this type of activity. The meeting rooms may not be used for religious services or related practices.

            The Library reserves the right to assign space and time for meetings. The Library reserves the right to provide crowd control and police presence as deemed necessary. The cost of such crowd control shall be billed to the organization using the meeting room. The Library may cancel permission to use the premises at any time if the premises are needed for the Library purposes, or if the Library regulations are not followed.

             All meetings held in the Library meeting rooms are open to the public. Admission fees may only be charged with permission of the Library Board and pursuant to section 414, NY State Education Law - "when admission fees are charged the proceeds thereof must be expended for educational or charitable purposes." The meeting rooms may not be used by for-profit organizations, nor may the rooms be used by non-profit organizations for fund raising purposes. The sale of goods on Library premises is prohibited by anyone except the Library or the Friends of the Library.

                                                            Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees
October 16, 1991, Rev. November 18, 1992, November 16, 1994, July 18, 2001,
                                                            March 19, 2003, April 20, 2011

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